Welcome here!  We are David & Aralin - Husband & Wife team.

      God has blessed us with two incredible children and they're our motivation and drive.  And just like our children, He has given us this passion and responsibility, and that means everything!  None of this was ever possible without Him, but now because of Him, everything is.  Understanding this love in new light is what's made us who we are, and because our desire is not simply just in photographs but in loving our couples through it all.

We are not a brand but an experience, and we want you to feel this through our serving friendship.  Although I do most of the shooting, my beautiful wife is the other half of all this.  Together we are so thrilled that we can now document all these moments full-time, as this was a dream we never thought possible.  And because of this, we understand just how remarkably special it is to be a part of such incredible stories.  We love capturing the real & raw, realizing we are not just documenting, but witnessing the "once-in-a-lifetimes" unfold.  

Above photo taken by the incredibly talented Ariana Tennyson!